Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thrift store shopping 101

Shopping at a thrift store can seem intimidating for many. Whether it's the long aisles of "old people's" clothes or huge heaps of clothing at a warehouse, it can be done.  

The trick is to think beyond the hanger appeal. Many times items look too old fashioned and unwearable. The material can be unconventional or too bright and seems as if nothing would match it. Don't worry it can be done.

One of my good friends Aprillynn is an expert at this! She somehow always knows how to match things together in a way that is stylish and trendy. In today's OOTD she put together a bright pleaded geometric skirt, grey long sleeve t-shirt and nude wedges. 

Wedges will add definition and shape to ankles, and add height to make your legs look long. They are also eye-catching and have a very cosmopolitan look to them. You also can't beat that they look great with nearly any length skirt or dress. (When picking a nude color shoe, try matching the shoe color as closely to your skin color) 

This works because there are two neutrals toning down skirt and letting it be the focal point of the outfit. The skirt is a knee length a-line which is perfect for creating a hourglass figure by coming in at your narrowest part of your body. 

Hope this post helped.
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