Monday, January 13, 2014

DIY: $4.00 Mustache Framed Art

The mustache trend is very big right now. It's used in many different ways like party themes, apparel,and even decor. On one of my many trips to Hobby Lobby, I came across some really cool mustache framed art. I thought that it would look great in my bathroom wall and help make it more masculine for my husband but didn't want to pay $30 for something I can make myself. So here is a DIY project for only $4.00! 

 2 Frames ( I used 11x14 frames from dollar tree)
 1 Black poster board
 2 sheets of white card stock paper
 1 (11) pack of mustache stickers ( I bought mine at hobby lobby and used a 40% off coupon)


First cut out each mustache sticker so that way you can layout how you want them placed.

Next, using the back cardboard from the frame, trace out two rectangles on the poster. They should measure 11x14 inches.

Now cut a two inch piece of tape and fold in the two ends to create double sided tape.
Place in the middle of the white card stock paper.
Next turn paper around and tape it in the middle of the black poster board and place inside the frame.

Now the fun begins! Arrange your stickers on top of the glass in the order you would like. I did five on each frame. Position the other five stickers next to the frame you are working on to see how they look together.

Once you have the stickers arranged how you like them, gently take off the sticker and stick on the glass starting with the bottom sticker first. Don't place firmly until you are happy with the placement. If you'd like, you can use a ruler to measure out the space between the edge of the white paper and the stickers. I chose not to.

I started with the bottom sticker then placed the top one. This helped me arrange the reaming three evenly.   Again, make sure you are very careful when taking off the stickers. There are parts on the mustache that are thin and can be easily torn.

Repeat the same process with the other frame.

Total cost:
Frames: $2.00
Stickers: $1.49
Poster: $0 (already had)
Card stock: $0 (already had)

Total = $3.49 (with poster should be around $4.00)

Hope this post helped
Thanks for stopping by:)

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