Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY Kitchen Chalk Board

I have always wanted a chalkboard for my kitchen to help with meal planning. It is also a great way to add wall art with out being too cheesy with "kitchen decor." As you may have guessed I am a Hobby Lobby junkie! I am ALWAYS there walking the aisles looking for inspiration and deals. I have found many kitchen chalk boards designed specifically for the kitchen but all have thing in common, they are all high priced. Now I am a bargain shopper, I try my best not to spend over $20 on decor. Why? Because I know that I can make it myself for much less.

This DIY project is quick and easy and only cost $6! A tip on shopping at Hobby Lobby is using their 40% off coupon on items that aren't already 50% off. I always check their news letter to see what items are on sale that week to make sure that I buy all my item either at 50% or 40% off.


  • 17"x 23" chalk board
  • 60 piece pack of wood letters
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Painters tape
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks


First choose what phrase you would like on your chalk board and separate the necessary letters to spell it out. 
Next paint each individual letter making sure that every crevice is covered. Set them aside to dry.

Next line the black board with painter tape as close to the frame as possible and paint the wooden frame then set aside to dry.
While the paint is drying put glue stick in gun and plug in to start warming up
Once the paint is dry and glue is hot, begin to glue wooded letter on the edge of the chalk board.
You can place them either on the top or bottom or both like I did.

Now you can write your meals for the day or week. I think we all hate the feeling of not knowing what to make for dinner so this can  help you feel organized and have a plan for your meals.

Hope this post helped.
Thanks for stopping by:)
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