Thursday, February 13, 2014


Shopping at a thrift store can be intimidating for most. Most think that the clothes are old and not in season. The real trick to see beyond what the piece "looks" like. At first glance, this blouse looks matronly and because of the material, outdated.

The trick to this shirt was to pair it with the right pieces. A vintage cream lace skirt and soft pink statement necklace. We rolled up the sleeves to create a 3/4 sleeve, unbuttoned the first button and tucked it into the skirt. The reason why I chose this blouse was the color and buttons, it seemed bright and rich. Be creative, don't be scared to enter your local thrift store, LOOK at everything, don't just glance at the rows and rows of racks, the clothes will not always just pop out at you. Think of it as a treasure hunt:) Every trip to the thrift store will not always be successful, don't be discouraged about this, just head over to the next store. 

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